Cobalt Linton House

Mary Harris
9 months agoSeptember 14, 2021
So interesting thank you. My special interest is that my mother- Dulcie Phillips ( nee Watts 1912-2007)  worked for Mr Philpotts, school master, possibly early 1930’s. I believe she was helped look after his family, even accompanying them on holiday, very fond memories for her and of course she followed the changes of use over time with great interest.
9 months agoSeptember 14, 2021
I am so glad you enjoyed the film Mary. It's great that Linton House still has family that remember it's past. Kirsty Bradbury,. Cobalt
David Elder
9 months agoSeptember 17, 2021
Superbly researched film about this fascinating house. Thank you to the whole team for producing such an interesting piece. It is truly one of the town's hidden gems. It's also great to see that many of its original architectural features have been carefully and tastefully restored.
Mandy Jenkinson
9 months agoSeptember 28, 2021
Absolutely fascinating - thank you so much
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